Our Business
Our operation purview covers sports complex construction of the building construction and civil engineering works coupled with electrical engineering and plumbing and drilling engineering and sales and rental of engineering and construction equipment and tools. We provide an integrated technical works on buildings and roads on full time and/or sub-contract basis. We do this with a combination of dynamic expertise and cutting edge equipment to bring to pass our keen interest of consolidating the socio-economic survival, stability and growth of nations and organization with quality and durable infrastructure. At Zaafirst Limited Company, we serve a wide range of clientele from individual to companies and nationwide/worldwide.

  • 15+ Years Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • We Can Ensure that project are completed on Time and on Budget
  • The certified materials are in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Professional Service for Private and Commercial Customers
  • Using the latest technology on our working system.

We provide an integrated technical works on buildings and roads on full time time and/or sub- contract basis. At Zaafirst Limited Company, we serve wide range of clientele from individual to companies and nationwide/worldwide








At Zaafirst Limited Company. Our competitive advantage is centered on three key areas are:
“Our competence and capacities”, “our service quality” and “our service cost”.


Our Competences and Capacities
We constitute a team and experienced experts in the civil engineering, building construction, electrical engineering, plumbing and drilling engineering, architectural design and marketing and sales; and we serve clients with excellence and superior value I all business endeavors.

Our Services Quantity
At Zaafirst Limited Company, our top pyramid priority competence is based on quality and results. Our business is constantly guided by the principles of effectiveness and efficiency and we assure clients of:

  • The most current, cutting edge and superior quality equipment, materials and technology with greater assurance of higher quality and excellent services
  • Best qualified and dynamic technical hands that can be trusted through our carefully tailored recruitment and grooming standards for quality works.
  • A top management and Engineer’s team for operational dynamism, speed and timely service delivery

Our Service Cost

At Zaafirst Limited Company we are economically sensitive and responsive to the state of fall within the economic strength of our clients, without having to compromise quality and our credibility. We reason together with our clients and offer the most flexible, competitive and cost effective service charges.


To grow into a world class dealer in goods/services and in the engineering field


  • ┬áTo undertake genuine business practices as general merchants in import/export of quality goods/services for building construction and civil engineering works in the Ghanaian/overseas markets.
  • To bridge the housing infrastructural gap in the emerging economy of Ghana/other neighboring countries.
  • To promote modern building engineering technology.
  • To bring to the door step of users, the most current engineering equipment and tools


  • Market leader in the supply chain in the building industry with affordable prices to the consumer.
  • Supply of quality goods/services.
  • Estate development to all classes of people in lower, average and higher income earned.
  • Road construction to stand the test of time.
  • Sale and rental of engineering equipment and tools


  • Customer care/satisfaction.
  • Quality goods/service/construction.
  • Speed in delivery of contracted project.
  • Integrity exhibited in all our business dealings